The Vision

As your stylist, not only is my goal to help you display your inner beauty on the outside but to do so at an affordable and reasonable price. Unlike other stylists or box services, you are not paying for a pre-boxed outfit or commission-based recommendations. When you employ my services, you are investing in 100% honest fashion advice and unbiased shopping experience. Three core beliefs drive my vision.

1) Being fashionable does not have to cost an arm and a leg: I am a stylist for the everyday woman; the busy mom who doesn't have time to put together a fashionable and functional outfit; the fresh out of college student wants to start dressing for her future career, but has no idea where to start; the woman who wants to walk with confidence, both in herself and in her look; and everyone in between. We all have busy lives, families, daily expenses, and don't always have the time to plan a fashionable outfit or go shopping for one. For this reason, I offer a variety of services and packages designed to to fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

2) Women can support their fellow women: I founded this company with the intention of building a community of women who can empower, encourage, and support each other, and there are a handful of brands whose business models and mission statements align with this vision. These are women-run and women-empowered brands that work to inspire women as well as influence society with a positive environmental impact. These recommended brands focus on sustainability, through the use of ecologically friendly materials; transparency, to ensure women around the world are treated equitably through fair trade agreements; and efficiency, to design garments that help to eliminate fashion waste.  I recommend pieces from these brands as a way to support fellow businesswomen and the principles of the company.

3) Quality over Quantity: I am a firm believer in the importance of quality over quantity. One top can be used to create five different outfits; it's all in how you style it. I encourage clients to shop brands that I know to offer quality pieces. My goal is to equip you with pieces that you can wear multiple ways and that last for a long time. Quality pieces are an excellent investment, but as a quality piece is worth more than more cheaply made ones, it sometimes comes at a higher cost. I have tried to accommodate this cost difference by offering my services at a reduced price in comparison to other personal stylists so that my recommendations are more affordable. Regardless, our shopping experience never exceeds your stated budget, big or small.