No matter who they are, every customer deserves to feel special, and every employee should feel excited to make that happen. As your styling consultant, it's my pleasure to help you build, train, and inspire a team of dedicated stylist who will not only give your customers a quality and irreplaceable shopping experience but will also generate thousands of dollars in revenue for your business.

Personal Styling

Witness first hand the positive impact a personal shopper can make in your store. With this service, you will be able to focus on operational, managerial, and administrative tasks, without worrying that your customers aren't being well taken care of. By employing this service, your customers will enjoy a quality and honest shopping experience with no extra cost to them; and your business will reap the benefits of having a specialized stylist without the heavy financial impact of a payrolled employee.

Associate Training

Watch your business grow as your employees develop into dedicated professional stylists. With this service, you will learn and be a part of educating, training, and inspiring your associates to look at your business as their very own. This service uses a variety of training tools and materials to teach associates how to personally style each customer that walks into your business, which will lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. 



Get in Contact

Send an email to with the name and address of your business, an explanation your type of business, what problems your business is facing, what service you would like, and any other information you think might be helpful.


Schedule a Meeting

Schedule the date and time you would like VLR Stylist to come to your store for a walkthrough, in-person introductions, contract discussion and agreement, and a free trial of Personal Styling. 


Begin Styling/Training

VLR Stylist will visit your store and perform the selected service for the days you requested. Upon completion of the initial contract, please email to begin another contract.


Danica M.

(age 30)

“As a stylist, Victoria is more than an expert. She knows just how to dress me for any occasion. When I need something, she already has the answer. I remember this one time when I was going out on a date and I was freaking out because I didn't know what to do and all I had to do was ask her, tell her what I needed and she dressed me within minutes it was awesome!


I had so many compliments on my outfits that she did me. I highly recommend Victoria for all of your style needs. She's great at what she does. I definitely want her to do it again for me.”

Ammarah K.

(age 21)

"With a good eye for fashion and a clear vision in mind, Victoria compiled looks together which not only complimented my body type but also made me feel comfortable and confident.


Her selection of clothing was a risky option which I usually would not consider. However, after she pieced together the look I could not help but to fall in love with her choices.


What I adore most is that she tailors the selection of clothing based on her clients preferences, there budget and then applies her own spin on it. Something in which the client does not consider yet it works well.