VLR Stylist was founded on the belief that all women are beautiful in their own special way, and it's the job of a stylist to help her see and display her inner beauty on the outside. After 9 years in the retail industry, Victoria (CEO and Founder), realized that employees are not helping women see their inner beauty; that employees are demotivated and uninterested in servicing the customer to the best of their abilities. 


With this realization, she started a company that not only helps women with their styling and shopping needs, but also helps employers train, inspire, and develop a team of dedicated, empowered, and committed stylists who are excited to provide excellent customer service.


The mission of VLR Stylist is the core of our business; to help women display their inner beauty on the outside, by developing empowered stylists. We believe that through specialized training, inspiration, and practice, your team will become customer-focused and business-minded stylists; ready and excited to help the customer and grow your company. 

Our mission is to help each associate see their value and to develop a sense of company ownership and customer service. 

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