Read what other clients have said about our services!

Fahad A.

(age 21)

“Victoria is great at putting outfits together that compliment your body-type and skin tone. I was surprised at just how well some of her color combinations and styles looked on me!


Her eye for adapting styles to a person has made my wallet run dry from buying exquisite clothes for every season in my wardrobe and I’m not the least bit upset about it!”

Connor M.

(age 25)

“Victoria approaches styling on a person to person level. She understands not only do people have their unique styles, but also have unique ways of shopping.


Victoria tailors her approach to each client based not on finding them an outfit to buy, but clothes they love without feeling pressured, hurried, or judged.


Whether it's casual or professional, she knows how to identify the clothes that fit her clients body and personality flawlessly.”

Danica M.

(age 30)

“As a stylist, Victoria is more than an expert. She knows just how to dress me for any occasion. When I need something, she already has the answer. I remember this one time when I was going out on a date and I was freaking out because I didn't know what to do and all I had to do was ask her, tell her what I needed and she dressed me within minutes it was awesome!


I had so many compliments on my outfits that she did me. I highly recommend Victoria for all of your style needs. She's great at what she do. I'm definitely want her to do it again for me.”

Mason M.

(age 20)

"Victoria is a stylist that focuses on the individual's hopes and aspirations regarding their personal style desires. She is willing to research and accommodate the clients based on their personalized budget emphasizing their fashion goals.


Whether the apparel be accustomed for every day attire, or for important formal gatherings, Victoria can logistically collaborate with her client to design the most appropriate outfit at the best price.


Additionally, this stylist is not only dedicated to ensuring that the client possesses the desired outfit but also invests in the client personally and contributes to the return of the guest for the best apparel style and an experience catered to them."

Ammarah K.

(age 21)

"With a good eye for fashion and a clear vision in mind, Victoria compiled looks together which not only complimented my body type but also made me feel comfortable and confident.


Her selection of clothing was a risky option which I usually would not consider. However, after she pieced together the look I could not help but to fall in love with her choices.


What I adore most is that she tailors the selection of clothing based on her clients preferences, there budget and then applies her own spin on it. Something in which the client does not consider yet it works well.

Kathryn O.

(age 27)

"If you’re looking for advice on ethical and sustainable styles and outfits, look no further. Victoria is extremely knowledgeable about the triple bottom line in the fashion industry, and can provide you with as much or as little information on the topic as you require.


I needed a dress for a wedding in Sevilla, and I typically shop at used clothing stores due to my concerns about sweatshops, waste, and environmental degradation produced by unethical manufacturing practices. When I do buy something new I like to vote for a better world with my dollar, to provide a better future for generations to come. However I was short on time to research ethical and sustainable clothing stores.


I explained my values, concerns, and predicament to Victoria. “Leave it to me,” she said, and chose a shopping date and time that worked for me. She lined up five clothing stores for us to see and explained the ethical and sustainable practices of each as we walked from one to

another. We explored what each store had to offer, and each picked out several dresses to try on, and she gave me kind, honest advice on each one, on color, fit, and style. She helped me choose an elegant dark red dress from Skunkfunk that fit me like glove, and was made of

organic cotton sourced from sustainable manufactures and sewn in Galicia with zero waste. It even has hidden pockets. To top it all off, Victoria provided me with a list of ethical and sustainable stores for my other clothing needs.


She took consideration my budgetary constraints, my clothing needs and my personal values. She gets to know you, your preferences, opinions and comfort zone, and then dresses you to reflect your personality. She is kind and decisive, patient and efficient, considerate and talented. She made me feel like a model she’d been given the honor to dress, while ensuring I was comfortable with and involved in every decision. I could not have asked for a better stylist. You’ll be in good hands with Victoria."