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Let's Talk About Jumpsuits...

Have you ever seen an Instagram model, celebrity, or a random girl rocking a jumpsuit? Have you ever wondered "how on earth do I make jumpsuits look good on me?" Well, fear not! We've got some of the best tips and tricks to help you pull off the perfect jumpsuit!

It's All About Your Body Type!

There are so many different kinds of jumpsuits out there, it's hard to decide which one is best for you. Here is a little personal survey you can take when looking into buying a jumpsuit:

Q1: Am I tall, short, or average height? This question is super important! You want your jumpsuit to fit you perfectly. If you are tall, then your jumpsuit should be long (and I mean LONG, like touching the floor long). If you are short, look for jumpsuits that say "midi", "ankle", or "petite". You never want your jumpsuit to be so long it takes over your entire body. For my average girls, you are lucky! Most jumpsuits are made specifically for your height. So go crazy!

Q2: What's my body type? Not all body types can wear the same style of jumpsuit. Let me explain. If you are more of a curvy kinda girl, opt for jumpsuits that are looser in the waist, hips, and thighs. You want your jumpsuit to highlight your beautiful curves, not take away from them. On the other side, if you are thinner, look for a jumpsuit with a tight waistline (something with a belt or elastic waistband) and semi-loose hips and thighs. The goal is to highlight your natural features, not hide them!

What About the Cut?

Now that we know what kind of jumpsuit makes sense for our body types, let's talk about the different styles of jumpsuits.

Neck Details: Depending on what kind of look you are going for, this is an important detail. Highneck jumpsuits tend to be more formal and elegant; perfect for a wedding, special event, or business meeting. V-necks and scoop neck jumpsuits tend to be more informal, perfect for casual days with friends, casual Friday at work, or simply running errands.

Sleeves vs. No Sleeves: While most jumpsuits are sleeveless, there is a handful that has sleeves. Sleeves are tricky because they can easily turn your jumpsuit from formal to casual real quick. If you want a more casual vibe, opt for a jumpsuit with sleeves. If you want a formal look, but you need sleeves, don't worry we are going to talk about how to style your jumpsuit for this very scenario.

Cropped vs Full Length: When deciding whether to get a full length or ankle length jumpsuit, ask yourself "what style am I going for?" You can never go wrong with a full-length jumpsuit, but ankle-length jumpsuits can completely change the look you are going for. Ankle length jumpsuits are perfect for street looks, laid-back looks, or chic looks (again, I'll explain further in the next section).

I Have the Perfect Jumpsuit, How Do I Style it?

Accessories: Go crazy with accessories!! Jumpsuits are the perfect item to experiment with accessorizing. Statement jewelry, bold handbags, creative hair accessories, your name it! Because the construction of the jumpsuit is generally simple, you can really play with accessories.

Shoes: Here is where you need to be strategic in your look. Say you have an ankle-length jumpsuit (see, I promised we'd circle back to this), and you want a street vibe, I recommend a pair of combat boots. The boots will help to bridge the gap from where the jumpsuit ends and where your ankle/foot begins. Maybe you have a full-length jumpsuit, and you want an elegant look; opt for a bold sophisticated heel (a strappy stiletto, for example).

Over pieces: Last on our list is over pieces. If you get cold easily, as I do, but still want to wear a jumpsuit, don't worry this section is for you! Jumpsuits pair nicely with almost any kind of over piece. Going to a business event? Grab a blazer! Going to a formal event, grab a short shrug or wrap. Having a girls day? Grab a bomber jacket or denim jacket. It's all in where you are going!

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