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Preparing for Black Friday 2020

2020 has changed how we do a lot of things. Business attire has changed to loungewear, the newest fashion accessory is facemasks, and shopping online is more popular now than ever. With all of these new changes, Black Friday shopping is sure to be quite a different experience this year. If you want those amazing Black Friday deals, in this new environment, then this is the post for you! We've put together some of the best tips and tricks for Black Friday 2020!!

Prepare for the Sale:

A lot of stores have already released their Black Friday deals, and some have even started their sales!! Decide what items you really want/need and make a list of which stores have those items on sale (for example, you're in the market for a new sweater-check to see which of your favorite brands are having a sale on their sweaters and write down the name, the sale, and when it starts). Once you know what items are a must-have, now it's time to make a shopping game plan!

Make a Game Plan:

This isn't as scary as it sounds. Making a game plan is simply deciding when to go to the stores on your list. As we have mentioned, some stores have already started their sales, so part of your game plan could be to get some of those items now, rather than waiting until Friday itself. For the stores whose sales start on Friday, find out when the deal's end (you might be able to get those deals on Saturday or Sunday). The goal is to be strategic and efficient; getting what you want/need when the best deals are on with as little contact with crowds as possible.

Dress for the Rush!

You have your list, you have your game plan, now it's time to dress for the rush! When running the shopping marathon, it's important to dress comfortably. I'm talking leggings, I'm talking cropped hoodies, I'm talking athleisure! For this shopping adventure, you're going to want something that is cute, comfortable, functional!

~Loungewear set: Before embarking on your shopping expedition, grab a cute loungewear set. Make sure

your set matches your personal style, is comfortable, easy to move in, and versatile (the outside will be

cold, and the inside will most likely be hot.)

**Check out our self-care Sunday post for some cute loungewear ideas!

~Pack light, but bring a snack: The Black Friday rush has no room from breaks (or people, for that

matter. Let's be honest the BF rush invites a TON of people); so it's so important to bring a small

backpack or crossbody (Do NOT bring a large purse!! These are difficult maneuver past people with,

and make shopping far more difficult) to place your personal items and a small snack in.

**Keep in mind the food court and surrounding restaurants will be PACKED so bring yourself a light

snack to get you through your shopping trip, and enjoy those delicious Thanksgiving leftovers after

you're done.

Grab your running shoes: As you're leaving the house, don't forget to wear your most comfortable and

fashionable sneakers. Remember, it will be busy and you have a fashion mission to complete; so comfy

shoes are vital to your look!

Don't forget your mask! Even though things appear to have calmed a bit, it's super important to wear

your mask! The shopping areas and stores will be full of fellow shoppers (capacity limits or not), and

you are going to want to keep yourself and those around you safe while you enjoy all of the Black Friday


**Check out our mask post for items on finding the perfect mask for your Black Friday shopping trip!

Don't forget about Cyber Monday:

If you want to enjoy a leisure shopping experience, without dealing the the cowards, Cyber Monday is just for you!! Check which of your favorite stores are having Cyber Monday deals and make a list of said stores. Wake up bright and early on Monday morning, grab your cup of coffee/hot chocolate, and start shopping!

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