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Removing 2020

It's no big secret that the year 2020 is better erased and forgotten than re-lived. Everyone ought to start off 2021 in the best way possible... A COMPLETE REHANG!

In the space of a year, not only has life as we know it changed but so have fashion trends.

The old is making a comeback and the new is a TikTok clip waiting to go viral. So, if you spent your time in lockdown online shopping whilst binge-watching a Netflix show or if you've held onto that one pair of jeans for a few years too many; these tips and tricks are for you!

Too Small? or Too Big? THROW IT OUT!

Anything that happens to hug you a bit too tight or hang off you must go! Although the oversize look is definitely a trend, it's one best served in fall. In saying that, some oversized items must go. Blouses, shirts, and jumpsuits are best suited for the body fit. An oversize fit can often look like you're drowning in your own closet.

Similarly with anything two sizes too small. If I could have a penny for every time I told myself to hold on to the outfits which I'll eventually fit into, I'd have a whole new wardrobe. This can be mentally draining. AND FASHION TRENDS CHANGE so get rid of them! Embrace and dress for your body type!

Say Goodbye to Animal Prints

Animal prints made its point last decade, and honestly, it should remain that way. Trade those prints for something refreshing. Tie-dye has become the new print of the year (thanks to TikTok). It's bright, colorful and you don't have to spend a penny. You can bring to life an old plain top by a DIY tie-dye.

Stop Keeping Old Clothes!!

Don't worry, you're not the only person who does it, we're all guilty. If you have a pair of jeans or a top that's been stashed at the back of your wardrobe for a few years, and you keep promising yourself it will come back into fashion, THROW IT OUT!

There's a chance it could come back into fashion, but so much can change from now until then; your personal style, your size, and even your figure. Stop dwelling on what could be and start living for now!

New Year, New You

People often feel the need to dress the way their favorite influencer does or purchase what they see on a mannequin because it looks good on that. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others but dress the way you feel comfy, confident, and beautiful.

Any items which no longer brings you happiness, remind you of a sad past or an unpleasant season- THROW IT OUT!

What do I do with My Old Clothes?


Before you think of throwing your old stuff in the trash, give them a new home. If you still have a label on them or they're still in good condition you can sell them and make some extra money.

Here are just a few businesses that can help you...


Are your clothes looking a tad bit worn out? Or you feel as though theyre better of recycling and not reselling. Here are a few recycling options.

H&M prides themselves on sustainability and recycling old clothes to create new ones. The process consists of de-threading and sterilizing old fabrics to create new outfits ready for people to purchase. Depending on your country, for every bag of clothes you donate, you receive a voucher for your next shop at H&M.

There are countless other locations which you can donate too, some include...

  • Salvation Army

  • Goodwill

  • Shelter for Women

  • or your Local Church

Still struggling to figure out what needs to go and what can stay? or maybe you haven't quite figured out how to dress for your body type and/or personality.

Have no fear, VLRStylist is here.

Drop us a message and we can have one of our personal stylists help you declutter and revamp your wardrobe to match you!

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