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Phone, Keys…. MASK!

Who knew in the year 2020 the number one accessory would be a mask?

Now that the lockdown has eased up and we can finally leave our homes, its important to remain safe. Wearing a face mask can help you do just that!

Understandably, it can be frustrating especially when you have the perfect outfit picked for your day/night out. But don't worry! We, at VLRstylist, have come up with some of the best tips and tricks to ensure that you still look on point while staying safe.

Styling Tip One:

Color! Make sure your mask complements your outfit. Top tip; if you're wearing a multicolored outfit, choose one of the colors to be the focal point, and select a mask that matches said color.

Styling Tip Two:

Print and Pattern! It's so important to make sure your outfit choices are not masked by the mask. When it comes to prints and patterns don’t be afraid to go bold.

If you’re wearing an outfit with heavy patterns feel free to keep the mask plain and simple. Use pastel colors to keep it light and airy. Or better yet, GO BOLD and throw a patterned mask into the mix too! If you're wearing a floral dress throw in a floral mask but with an opposing pattern.

Styling Tip Three:

Match Match Match! Going for a night out? match your mask to your other accessories. It adds subtle color coordination to your style and can complete the whole look.

Styling Tip Four:

Read the room. As tempting as it is to go big and bold on every occasion, in some meetings, less is more. When at a client meeting or attending a formal event, opt for something much more subtle. A plain black mask with colored stitching or minor embroidery could be your go-to.

It keeps everything formal and fresh.

Honorable Mentions...

Masks are becoming more creative and unique by the second. Here are some of our favorite designs and styles which can be ordered today.

Do you have a minute?

As tempting as it is to splurge on a boatload of masks if you have a minute you can create your own unique designs too.

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