Recommended Brands

These are some of the brands that I recommend to you when you employ my services. 

Each of these brands has the same mission and social goals as I do. They each bring something unique to the fashion world that helps to further their individual goals of helping women and the environment. Take a moment and read all about some of the brands I collaborate with to help bring your personal style to life.

Created as a tribute to all women who are fighting for their dreams. Sita Murt's collections are designed for the "real" woman. Clothing wise, the company uses quality materials and garments are manufactured close to the company's home.

Momoc Logo.jpg

An ecological shoe brand created and run by one woman. Inspired and empowered by sustainability, Momoc Shoes are crafted with 100% organic leather and 100% organic cotton.

Symbology Logo.png

Inspired by women artisans in India, Marissa Heyl founded this fashionable fair trade company. Symbology employs women in the US and partners with women artisans around the world. Heyl works closely with her employees to ensure they are treated fairly and well compensated for their work.

Skunk Funk Logo.png

A lot can be said about the social contributions from Skunk Funk; from fair trade, with their partnership with artisans for design and small farms in India for cotton production, to environmental consciousness, with their use of organic fabrics, bio-plastic shipping material, this brand prides itself on its ability to take care of our planet and our people. 

Mayamiko Logo.png

While other elements of social consciousness are supported, Mayamiko's main focus is on the environment. This zero waste, solar powered, and locally sourced brand works to ensure that their pieces have both a positive impact on the fashion lifestyle of its customers, as well as a positive impact on the environment.  

Sseko Logo.png

Talk about a brand whose focus is on empowering women, Sseko employs women in Uganda who have recently finished secondary school. The goal is to give these women tools and skills to thrive in University, as well as to give them the means to pay for their education.

This creative fair trade brand was founded by three women looking to change the fashion world. The ladies found themselves in the "mother" of India and decided this would be the best place to launch a brand that inspires creativity in women. Mata Trades employs women artisans in India and Nepal, with the goal of ending poverty in these places, and soon, around the world.