Welcome to VLR Stylist!!

A new online styling experience!  

Whether it's working from home, running errands, enhancing your style, or simply treating yourself; VLR Stylist is here for all of your styling, fashion, and wardrobe needs (and wants 😉)!  

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What is VLR Stylist?

We are your personal online stylist. No need to struggle any further with trying to find, select, or put together the perfect outfit that will fit your personality,  lifestyle, and body-type. We will do it for you!

Is this a Box Service?

No!  Your stylist will send you personalized outfit suggestions virtually (with product links included). This will give you the freedom to buy what you want when you want it; rather than receiving random items. There is no buying pressure, simply choose what you want from your styling session and buy it when you feel like it! 

Will my stylist mail me the outfits?

You are welcome to purchase the suggested items on your own directly from the brands. However! If you love opening boxes (We do! It's like getting a present from yourself), your stylist can pre-purchase the individual items for you, repackage them together and mail it to you. Just let your stylist know what you want to do and they will happily do that for you!