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Hi! My name is Victoria Redding. I am an online-based fashion stylist. I started personal styling because I wanted to show women how to display their inner beauty on the outside.   


My fire to be a fashion stylist was lit when I was in the 8th grade, by a show called "What Not to Wear". I remember sitting in my parent’s living room, watching the show, and realizing that I wanted to help people look and feel great by changing, or revamping, their wardrobe. As I began to pursue my stylist career, I learned about the latest trends, various body types, and how to match color palettes to different skin complexions. 

At the age of 16, I was offered a sales associate position at a store called "Vanity"; after taking my friend shopping to help her rebuild her wardrobe. While working at Vanity, a mother and daughter stopped in to shop for back-to-school. The daughter was quite shy and obviously had no interest in shopping for new clothes. Her mother told me that she wanted her daughter to be "more girly" and asked if I could help her come out of her shell. With the mother's permission, I took the young lady around the store to find a few outfits. 


After speaking with the girl, I discovered a few things that changed my life: 1) She had no interest in being "girly". As we were speaking in the fitting room, it became quite apparent that the feminine style that her mother wanted was not her style (which explains why she didn't want to go shopping in the first place). 2) She did not feel beautiful at all.  Like most women, society tells us that we aren't beautiful unless we look a certain way. This particular girl did not fit social norms of beauty, and I could tell she didn't feel beautiful because of it. 3) She hated herself. I found an outfit that required her to wear a short-sleeved shirt underneath a long-sleeved shirt. When she came out of the fitting room, I noticed several markings on her arms. Most people wouldn't have noticed, given the fact that they were quite subtle, but since I struggled with mental health issues, I knew exactly what those markings were. 

When our shopping session had ended, she was so happy and satisfied. I hadn't seen her smile until we started putting together outfits that matched her style and made her feel confident. Her mother thanked me and said I was the only person who was able to find her some outfits that she liked. When the mother and daughter left the store, I knew I wanted to work with women who didn't believe they were beautiful.


I left Vanity at the age of 18 to get my degree in business to help me gain the necessary knowledge to start my own company. While I was in university, I was given several opportunities to enhance my styling skills; from helping my on-campus friends with their current wardrobe - to interning with various fashion companies - to grow in my knowledge of fashion trends. 

My fire for helping women discover their inner and outer beauty is stronger than ever. I truly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own special way, and it's my goal and pleasure to help you find a look that displays your inner beauty on the outside. 

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