Welcome to VLR Stylist!! A new online styling experience! Connect & chat with your stylist when you want in our Styling Room or schedule an in-person appointment for a 1-on-1 shopping & styling experience. Your stylist will help you create the perfect wardrobe that encompasses who you are, through styling items you already own, taking you shopping, and giving personalized fashion advice & item suggestions. At VLR Stylist we believe that every woman is beautiful in her own special way, and we want to help you display your inner beauty on the outside. 


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Chat with your personal stylist whenever you need fashion advice, outfit suggestions, and wardrobe styling. Utilize our virtual closet feature to upload your personal wardrobe and have your items styled to best meet your lifestyle and daily fashion needs. And get personalized and custom product suggestions that enhance your current wardrobe and are within your stated budget. 

Styling Packages: 

Stylist Buddy, Stylist Friend, Stylist BFF

Wardrobe Detox

Enjoy a stress-free and customized wardrobe detox and shopping experience with your personal stylist. Available both online and in-person, have your stylist walk through your wardrobe with you and help you create the perfect wardrobe for you and your lifestyle.

Online sessions will include a video call whereby you and your stylist will be able to chat virtually and review your wardrobe live, an evaluation of your wardrobe/styling needs, and setting a shopping budget...

Styling Packages: 

Stylist BFF

Events/Activity Styling

Allow your stylist to create the perfect look for your special occasion, an important event, or a personal activity. Choose between an online session or an in-person session.


Online sessions include a complete break down of event/activity, a reevaluation of your shopping budget, specific and complete outfit options for your event/activity. For an additional fee, VLR Stylist can pre-purchase the look, package the look together, and mail it to you...

Styling Packages: 

Stylist Friend, Stylist BFF




Danica M.

(age 30)

“As a stylist, Victoria is more than an expert. She knows just how to dress me for any occasion. When I need something, she already has the answer. I remember this one time when I was going out on a date and I was freaking out because I didn't know what to do and all I had to do was ask her, tell her what I needed and she dressed me within minutes it was awesome!


I had so many compliments on my outfits that she did me. I highly recommend Victoria for all of your style needs. She's great at what she do. I'm definitely want her to do it again for me.”

Ammarah K.

(age 21)

"With a good eye for fashion and a clear vision in mind, Victoria compiled looks together which not only complimented my body type but also made me feel comfortable and confident.


Her selection of clothing was a risky option which I usually would not consider. However, after she pieced together the look I could not help but to fall in love with her choices.


What I adore most is that she tailors the selection of clothing based on her clients preferences, there budget and then applies her own spin on it. Something in which the client does not consider yet it works well.