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How do I get started?

It's super easy to get started! 

  1. Take our styling survey: Let your future stylist know a little bit about you so that they can select the perfect package and items for you.

  2. Schedule a FREE styling consultation: Chat virtually with your future stylist about your fashion and styling needs/goals; as well as which styling package would be best for you.

  3. Select your styling package: After your consultation, view the packages and select the one that works best for you. 

  4. Enjoy VLR Stylist

How do the styling boxes work?

Now that you have selected your styling package, it's time for shopping!

1. View your suggestions: Your stylist will upload an outfit or product suggestion to your 'My Suggestions' page. This will be based on their picks from your survey and consultation. 


2. Select 'save' 'purchase' or 'recreate': Choose which outfits or products you want to 'save'. 'purchase' or 'recreate' and your stylist will handle the rest. If you choose "save", the outfit or product will remain in your suggestions until you tell your stylist that you don't want it. If you choose "purchase" your stylist will send you an invoice for the item(s) you want. Purchase them whenever you are ready and your stylist will process and ship your items (See "How does processing & shipping work?" for more information). If you choose "recreate" your stylist will recreate the outfit you liked using your preferences as a guide. The items will change depending on your package and preferences.


Select the item/outfit

that you like





3. Receive your items: After purchasing your items, your stylist will ship them to you! Should you need to return anything, let your stylist know, and they will help you with your return.

Product Staged.png

How does processing & shipping work?

Now that you have selected your styling package and the items you want, it's time to process and ship them!

Your suggestions will be updated on the first (1) of every month. You can review your monthly suggestions at your leisure. When you're ready to order something, submit your "purchase" selections no later than two (2) weeks after the suggestions update, to receive your order in the same month (if you don't make the processing deadline, don't worry! Your items will be sent with the following month's order). After purchasing, please allow one week (seven business days) to process your order and one week (an additional seven business days after processing) for shipping. Your stylist will communicate all processing and shipping with you along the way. Should you need to make a return, inform your stylist and send the return within one (1) week of receiving said items.​

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