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Sadly summer is coming to an end and school is amongst us. But worry not we have you covered on all must-have accessories you'll need to settle in well and in style!

BAGS, BAGS, and more BAGS!!!!

If you have to commute to school every day you need a versatile bag. something spacious, waterproof, and of course, matches each and every outfit no matter how much of a lazy look you go for. Here are some of the bags we recommend.

Keep safe, wear a mask!

I know, I know, you're sick of hearing it but it is so important to keep a mask on hand at all times. Protect yourself and your loved ones by constantly washing your hands, avoiding direct contact with people, and of course wearing your mask. Fear not, your identity and true colors can still shine through by opting for a mask that suits your style. Check out our article on how to style your mask and I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time.

Comfort is Key!

Comfy shoes are a must, especially for those long walks across campus. Sneakers are usually a go-to without saying, but feel free to break away from that and add a platform shoe with a heel. That way you're comfortable, practical and on-trend.

Stay on Top!

A planner is a must-have accessory. Plan your week and book your appointments in advance, that way your semester can be less stressful and more manageable. We highly recommend a planner which suits your character. Enjoy travelling? get something which represents that. If you're blessed with a creative spark. purchase a plain diary and doodle away. Go for whatever motivates you and makes each day a journey, not a chore.

Stationary Glore

Regardless of what you study, stationary is always a must! Even if your life revolves around technology, its always good to have something available so you can jot down a quick note or tick of a task.

Let's also not forget the drag of studying. Purchase colour coordinated flashcards and equipment just to make the nights in studying less daunting and slightly satisfying.

Laptop Cases

If you carry a laptop around campus, keep it safe and secure by purchasing a bag with its own laptop compartment. If you're set for a bag and don't want to splurge out more opt for a laptop case which protects your laptop and looks stylish.

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